A walk to the Knock of Crieff

James Square, Crieff

Turn left out of the flat, then turn right and walk up King Street to James Square.  

Sign, Crieff

Cross the square, cross over the High Street and look for a sign on the side of the building at the bottom of Hill Street.  Follow the sign up the street, past the Gallery Restaurant.


Knock Road, Crieff

 Carry on up Ferntower Road until you come to Victoria Terrace and Knock Road, where you will see this sign.



Kissing gate on the way to the Knock of Crieff

Walk up Knock Road, and at the end of the road carry on up the hill along the track, with a wall on your right hand side.  At the end of the track you'll come to a kissing gate, pass through it and walk up the path through the field.



Crieff Hydro

At the top of the hill you'll come to a gate into the grounds of Crieff Hydro. Go through the gate and up the road past the horses.



Sign at the start of the walk

At the top of this road you should find a sign with details of walk around the Knock.  (There is some car parking at this point if you want to skip the first part of the walk.)  Carry on through woodland up the hill, following the path.


Path towards the Knock of Crieff

Eventually the path starts to level off, and comes out of the woodland.  Follow it for a few more hundred yards and you'll reach the Knock of Crieff.

The Knock of Crieff on a winter's day

(This picture wasn't taken on the same day as the others!)


The Knock of Crieff

The Knock of Crieff

The Knock of Crieff