Creating a Secure Environment

Creating a Secure Environment

A Close Protection Officer, more commonly referred to as a Bodyguard, is often assumed to be a person whose job is simply to protect a celebrity or well-known personality. However, in reality, close protection covers much more than this. It is not just about safeguarding an individual and keeping him or her away from danger, but also about creating a secure and relaxed environment so that the person who is being supervised can go about his or her daily activities as normally as possible without feeling uneasy, threatened or at risk.

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Working in private security requires a great deal of skill and understanding and extensive training is required in order to become a licensed Close Protection Officer or Operative. Not only do you have to have excellent observational skills so that threats can be quickly detected and the necessary actions taken, but the role also involves the ability to assess situations with confidence and react to problematic situations efficiently yet calmly. Clearly, it is also essential to have good people skills as the job requires mixing and dealing with a variety of different people.

Many Close Protection personnel come from military personal security guards backgrounds as they are accustomed to operating in highly pressurised and hostile situations. Security staff with previous military training usually have strong weapon handling knowledge, experience in positions of leadership, good interpersonal skills and a high level of integrity. All these attributes are very beneficial to pursuing a career in the close protection industry, a sector which is reliant on a high degree of professionalism and confidence.

Protection security work can range from low profile to high profile and involves working in a variety of different types of environment from remote or secluded locations to busy urban sites or large business areas. Although the close security work itself is carried out by expert bodyguards, there is always a close-knit support team behind the scenes made up of clerical, operational and managerial staff. It is the combined efforts of the team as a whole that ensures the smooth running of close protection operations, and without the back-up of the support team, the security officer’s job would be much more difficult.

The protection industry is booming. Due to the growing number of high profile and high net worth people around the world, as well as the continual increase in global volatility, the demand for varying types of high personal security is expanding. The film industry often depicts close protection work as hard-core, cool and sophisticated, but the truth is very different. The job of a Close Protection Officer is tough, high-risk and stressful.

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